10 ways we’ll make your life SO much easier!

10 ways we’ll make your life SO much easier!

1. Running low on cat litter? Do yourself a favour and order from us before things get to this stage:

 2. NEVER anger your cat by running out of food. Vengeance will be swift and merciless.

 3. Remember you’re also responsible for entertainment. A bored cat will invent its own toys, and they can be VERY creative:

 4. Cats like to be up high, because they’re superior beings. A Cat Tree will reduce the risk of being used as a human climbing frame.

 5. Your cat’s cute little paws conceal razor-sharp claws. It’s a good idea to invest in nail clippers.

 6. Cats may express themselves by redecorating your home. Buy a Scratcher before kitty discovers the joys of shredding your sofa.

 7. Although cats can turn any surface into a bedroom, you may want to get a cat bed. (Pro-tip: It’s a bonus if you can fit into it, just in case Fluffy decides to claim your bed as his private territory)

8. It can be very stressful sleeping 16-20 hours a day and having food supplied on demand. Thank goodness for calming products:

 9. You already know the importance of accessories. Cats like to accentuate their necks, so choose between bling or rugged and outdoorsy.

 10. We all know that traffic can be a challenge. Luckily, if your cat isn’t in the mood for a drive, we deliver!





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