5 MINUTES WITH... Josephine, Jasper and Bella

5 MINUTES WITH... Josephine, Jasper and Bella

1. Your cats come to you when….
A) What do you mean come to you? They never leave you alone, one of them is sat on your head as you write this (so apologies for the typo’s a paw over one eye makes it tricky to see properly) ✔ 
B) When you call them - and by call them you mean go through every pet name you can think of for 20 minutes accompanied by that special kissy sound,  and they turn up eventually.

C) When you’re five minutes past their supper time
You’ve been away for the night what level of cat annoyance do you come home to?
A) They’ll have their backs to you for the first half hour, shifting a little nearer each hour til you’re allowed to give them a little ear rub
B) Dirty protest on the carpets and hiding under the bed whilst you panic they’ve been kidnapped
C) Zero annoyance, they’re straight over for a cuddle. ✔   

3. What’s the craziest thing your cats has ever done?
Bella has a toy camel. She’s had it since she was a kitten. She’s now 7. Jasper our other bear baby knows camel is hers. “Camel” gets moved around the apartment on a daily basis and is carried in her mouth along with a strange miaow when she does. Last week when I was a little upset, my husband was giving me a reassuring cuddle.  When I looked up and dried my eyes, I saw that camel had been put at my feet. No sign of Bella. Just camel.

4. At what time of the day are your cats most alert?
A) None of the day. You have to frequently lean over them to check they’re alive.
B) Dusk and dawn - they have a mad half hour at both where they go so crazy you’d think there was an army of mice descending on you.  
C) Any time you want to sleep, who needs an alarm clock when you get an early morning tongue bath on your face every morning

5. If your cat had a super power what do you think it would be?
Jasper – super time keeping power. He is without doubt the most punctual cat I have ever known. 1 minute past 7am or 1 minute past 4, he is super keen to remind us that it’s time for food!
Bella – super emotion reading power. See above re camel.
6. If my cat chose my outfit they'd pick 
A) something from the bottom of the laundry basket as that's where you usually find them hiding 
B) black tie - they're never less than perfectly groomed 
C) anything that makes you resemble a cushion, who cares what you look like, they're the star of the show ✔ 

7. You shop at mycatandco.com
A) when my cats decide they don’t like their food any more. For the fourth time this year…And I need something new to tempt them.
B) If I feel like spoiling them with some new toys (which is all the time tbh)
C) For clever products and news about new things  

8. Someone says “I’m not a cat person”…how do you reply?
Pah! And then I roll my eyes…
9. Your vets phone number is…
A) The first number in your emergency contacts on your phone
B) On the fridge somewhere
C) You’d have to look it up (it’s in my phone under V for Vet - honest!!)  

10. If your cats could buy you a present what would they buy?
A lifetime supply of sticky rollers.


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