5 MINUTES WITH... Stephanie & Hermione

5 MINUTES WITH... Stephanie & Hermione

1. Tell us all the different nicknames you have for your cat, Hermione.
Loula, Koukouya, Poupouya, Loulette, Choupinetta, Miomione, Ma Poupée, Ma Youtouya, Ma Poupette, Hermionetta (all to be pronounced with a very thick French accent)
2. Which of these sleeping positions best describes you and your cat?
A) Cosy spooning, she rests peacefully in your arms
B) She’s on the bed. You’re on the sofa…
C)  Sleep? What’s sleep? Have you tried drifting off with a little fur whirlwind climbing all over you?
D) Something else... lying next to me on my side of the bed, taking 2/3 of it!

3. It’s your cat’s birthday - what do you do?
A) A mega order from mycatandco.com that takes a truck to deliver, a party, a personalised birthday cake, maybe a specialised cat entertainer.
B) Maybe something special for dinner
C) Ummm you’re not quite sure when it is…✔ the stray cat problem 😁
4. If your cat had their own social media profile what do you think they’d post?
She doesn't but it will be pictures of her lazing around the house on my bed all the time!

5. If your cat could talk what would be the first thing she’d say to you?
Philadelphia!!!!! (the cream cheese not the city😂 )
6. I know when my cat is in a bad mood with me when…
She doesn't come for a cuddle or sit with me. She stays on her own hidden away in the office or the spare bedroom
7. If your cat is comfy on your lap you...
A) Probably won’t get up for that extra cup of tea
B) Will carry on watching that terrible programme because the remote is on the other side of the room
C) Won’t go to the loo for three hours even though you just downed a 1.5 litre of water ✔ don't we all!?
8. If your cat could place their own order on mycatanco.com what would they buy?
Definitely treats
9. How do you show off your cats?
A) Screensaver at work, hell screensaver on everything that has a screen, even the microwave (you just taped a picture on it but that counts right?) ✔ proud mum!
B) They have their own Instagram
C) You’re considering a full back tattoo
10. If your cat was a celebrity she would be?
A) Jennifer Lawrence - as feisty as she is gorgeous
B) Paris Hilton - born into a life of luxury
C) Mariah Carey - all her demands better be met, or else
None of the above (B is probably the closest but Paris Hilton is someone I really don't like!!!) She is definitely a diva but a nice one...she would probably be posh spice 😂

Thank you Stephanie and family...you're definitely our best clothing customers!


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