7 Memes All Cat Owners Can Relate To

7 Memes All Cat Owners Can Relate To

You’ll shout ‘This is MY cat!’ to all of these images...

There are few things that are as joyful as very good meme. And when it comes to cats, there are just SO many meme-worthy moments in every day – so we’ve tracked down some of our favourites! Below are seven memes that all cat-owners will understand completely…

1. The ‘inexplicable zoomie’ one


Zoomies are part and parcel of being a cat owner. But don’t try and decipher any rhyme or reason for your fluffball’s speedy exit from the room or indeed, their intended destination. If your over-energised kitty is mid zoomie, for God’s sake do NOT follow. You WILL trip over and your cat WILL return to it’s favourite spot unharmed, eyeing you with utter disdain.

2. The ‘I’ll stare if I want, what of it?’ one

Ah, the yin to the zoomie’s yang. This intense and utterly motionless bird watching stance is beloved of moggies worldwide. As he or she gazes out of the window for hours, the only sign of life is their eyes flickering as its nemesis, the pesky goddam bird, once again flaunts its winged power. Interrupt at your peril.

3. The ‘please don’t challenge me, human’ one

Ever notice that your cat just DGAF? While a sternly worded ‘naughty boy’ speech might work wonders on a belligerent pupper, try it on a cat and prepare for a withering glare, a haughty exit and if you’re unlucky, a scratch to remind you exactly who’s boss. It’s not that they don’t love you, they just know they are much, much better than you.

4. And the ‘this is just who I am, ok?’ one

Speaking of not giving a, er, fluff -- don’t make the mistake of expecting love or affection from your cat because you want it. HAHA! You’ll get it when you’re given it and you better be damn grateful. Of course, cats are loving and affectionate creatures who often love a snuggle, but you better believe it’s on their terms.

5. The ‘duh, of course I’ll meow when you sleep’ one


Ahh, the delights of hitting the snooze button for a weekend lie in, or even just lying on the sofa for a swift nap. But what’s that? Is it the incessant meow of your beloved moggy? Of course it is. You’re a good cat parent and can’t bear the thought of your fur baby suffering through hunger, thirst or discomfort, so you rise from your slumber, locate your delightful ball of mewing fur and… they stop. With a ‘what?’- like mew and a stretch, they’re trotting off to entertain themselves with something else.

6. The ‘petting roulette’ one


Let’s be real, there are few better sounds in the world that the “pthurrrr” of a happy, purring moggy. Of course, eliciting that sound involves some serious scritch-scrothing, patting and fur-stroking. Nine times out of 10, cats love this deeply, and will reward you with all sorts of cuddles and lap snuggles. But it’s always a game of Russian Roulette, because one of those ten times (and you’ll never know which), sweet kitty will bestow a bite or a scratch to thank you for your efforts. Ouch.

7. The ‘all your expensive gifts are useless, ha!’ one


Spent hundreds on expensive, state-of-the art toys for your darling? Check. Left them artfully and yet conveniently placed around the house/apartment for kitty to enjoy? Sure did. Seen said toys totally ignored in favour of a piece of common garden string or ribbon you found on the floor outside of Spinneys? *sigh* Yes. Of course, it’s hard to stay cross when they’re just so cute playing with a tattered gift decoration. But does it strike a heavy chord of despair deep inside your heart? Yes, yes it does.

Compiled by Jenny Haward


Claire Lambert

My late Sammy, (a snowshoe) would treat my daughter like…#6…“I am so handsome, Admire me”….daughter moves in to test the softness & get rewarded with tooth & nail. “I said, Admire. Not touch!” Then he’d high-tail it to his room.

Claire Lambert

I love all of them!!!

Claire Lambert


Claire Lambert


Claire Lambert


Claire Lambert


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