CAT OF THE MONTH: Gorgeous George

CAT OF THE MONTH: Gorgeous George

Name: George
Breed: Arabian Mau
Age: I think I'm nearly 4

How did you and Narelle meet? Well Narelle used to walk past me at Gold & Diamond Park where I used to hang out under the cars. I'd always go running over to her and start talking...she must have understood that I was asking for food, so we became good friends before she adopted me and became my Mum.


What's your favourite past-time? As much as I love talking (yes I'm a chatterbox) I do love hoomans too. I absolutely love attention, pats and cuddles. I love sitting on any hooman's lap, not just Mum's, and cuddling up. I also love playing with my toy mouse and running through the house chasing my balls. 

What diet are you on? always look very healthy Well thank you very much - I've become a bit proud of my appearance since finding a new home. I usually eat Royal Canin and mum treats me occasionally with raw mince, chicken & fish. I'm also regularly groomed by either Pampered Pets or Miss Meow which I think makes me smooth and handsome...I'm just not sure about the perfume part!

If mum let you, what would be the first thing you'd buy off mycatandco? I think the sponge balls, I'm a basic kind of guy, and given I love chasing things, I'm pretty nifty on my toes!

Baths... Yay or Nay? Baths are ok to sit in and watch mum get ready for work...and I don't mind water as I'm always off getting groomed. I let Mum wash me down if I get its a Yay from me.


If you were a celebrity hooman, who would you be? Given my gift of the gab, I would definitely be a famous talk show host like James Corden (who doesn't love Carpool Karaoke?)

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you take? Definitely mum as she couldn't live without me, my food & my toys.

What is your personal theme song? 'Cause I'm Happy (Pharrell Williams)

Are you an early riser? Definitely! I'm always waking mum up with my talking...I mean come on! The day is starting, lets get moving! I need my food mum!...and then you have to play with me and scratch my belly before work!


What's the most annoying thing your hooman, Narelle does? Sometimes she just doesn't leave me alone, especially when she's been working late. She'll come home and try to give me too much attention...I guess she feels bad, but I'm like 'leave me alone hooman and let me do my own thing.'

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