So, how did you come to adopt (ahem, sorry, 'foster') Lucy?
My husband and I were in The Villa area and we decided to have an impromptu, al fresco dinner at Taperia, The St. Regis Dubai Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club. Within minutes of sitting down, this extremely confident, tri-coloured stray approached us. She had the sweetest meow and friendliest eyes. She proceeded to join me on my seat and enjoyed cuddles. Our starter of buffalo chicken wings arrived, and Lucy immediately helped herself. 

After dinner my husband and I went home, all the time thinking of Lucy. In the morning I called our friend Louise who had started a TNR group in The Villa area called Courtyard Cats. She agreed to go and pick Lucy up, TNR her and return her after recovery. My husband and I decided that we'd 'foster' Lucy to save her ear getting clipped as she was such a pretty little thing. Anyway, she's now in our spare bedroom loving the a/c and meals on tap. 

How many cats do you have now?...
Erm...6? That's a normal amount right?! 

Has Lucy been ok with your other cats? How easy has it been to introduce her to them?
Being a stray I knew it wasn't going to be an easy introduction as strays can be competitive and territorial, so we took it very slowly. She was in the spare bedroom for three weeks, one of which we put baby gates at the door so she could see and smell the other cats. Today we decided to let her out, and honestly it was a miracle. She waltzed down the stairs, past the cats without a care in the world. I think we were all a bit shocked. 

What are Lucy's favourite things?
Besides eating everything as if there's no tomorrow... she loves to play, now she's discovered what toys are she meows until you play with her. She's very vocal!

Who named her Lucy?
My husband...so he's to blame. Once you've named them that's it, there's no going back! (and I'll remind him of this every time he complains that we have 6 cats)




Claire Lambert

Lucy is very beautiful loved her story. Hope she is going to be a permeat member of your family. We have 5 cats now, last one is a 8 week female ginger kitten that found its way into my husbands car engine and traveled home with him. She is now called Mouse. Lol

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