We asked mum-of-three, Gaynor, to try these grooming products on her fur babies. 

1. ConAir Pro Cat Slicker Brush

In your opinion, which type of cat is this brush best for? I was pleasantly surprised that this brush worked for all three of my cats. I didn't expect it to work so well on my long haired cat that has a very dense coat, but it worked well.
Were your cats comfortable with you using it on them? Yes, although I would recommend this brush for more hair maintenance than a brush for pleasure. I always have two brushes, one for real hair maintenance and one that massages my cats more. 
Would you recommend this brush? If so why? Yes, it's great for all length coats and even for detangling of the the fur. It's comfortable to use and does well at catching all the shedding hair. 

2. Earthbath Ear Wipes (Fragrance free)

Cats generally hate their ears being cleaned. How were yours with these wipes? They were fine because they worked very quickly at breaking down the wax, so less stress for my fur babies.
These wipes are described as safe, effective and gentle... would you agree? Definitely. They smell lovely and did not irritate my cats at all.
Would you buy these again? They're already on my shopping list. So easy and effective!

3. Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Eye Wipes (Fragrance free)

Due to your cat's breeds, you have to clean their eyes regularly. How do these wipes compare to anything else you've used? They are quick, easy and gentle. Not too wet and not too dry. As I have used previous wipes that were too wet and clearly irritated their eyes. 

Did you notice a difference in your cat's behaviour whilst using them? Were they better than usual? My cats are used to having their eyes cleaned so they were fine with this. One wipe was more than enough to be able to clean both eyes. Again, gentle formula no irritation. The formula makes it very quick to clean thus less stressful on your cat because it's gets the job done quicker.
They 'remove tear stains and cleanse eye area'. Do you agree? Yes, even on my white cats they worked effectively. And I would class my cats as having challenging stains as I have to clean their eyes twice a day sometimes.

4. Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Grooming Wipes (Fragrance free)

Who would benefit from having these wipes in your opinion? I think anyone who either has cats who sometimes get messy after toilet time, or if you just want to give your cat a freshen up between grooming sessions this product is great for that.
They contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which moisturises both coat and skin. Did you notice a difference with your cat's fur after using these wipes? Yes, Their fur was refreshed and smelt lovely and they didn't seem to mind me wiping them down.
Would you recommend Earthbath products? If so, why? Yes. I loved the very light natural smell of all the products and how easy they were to use. 

5. Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

Cat's tend to hate water, so this seems like the perfect solution. What are your thoughts after trying it on your cats? Love it. A great solution to cats that just can't withstand a proper session with a groomer.   
Did you notice a difference in the condition of your cat's fur after using this product? My girl cat penny smelt amazing and still does after using this product. Her fur smells and feels so soft!!  
Would you recommend this product to fellow cat owners? and would you continue to use this on your cats in future? This is definitely another product on my shopping list. Such a quick easy way to clean your cat and keep them smelling gorgeous. I couldn't stop smelling my cat after I used this product! My overall view is, all the products smelt amazing and were very easy to use. I like that the products contain lots of soothing natural ingredients as I like to keep chemicals away from my three fur babies as they are sensitive kitties and I can then use them without the worry of adverse effects.



Reviewed by Gaynor Southwood and her cats Rodney, Penny and Mr Jeeves

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