Your cat is used to a standard litter tray. How did she take to using this hooded litter box?
My cat didn't seem to mind. I put the box exactly at the same place and she just got it.
What did you think of it? Did it make your life easier and will you keep it or return to the old one?
I did find the space inside the box quite small and the hood makes it very dark. You can't see inside well to know if all the poop was collected or if you need to add more litter. It would have been good to have a transparent hood. It is pretty good however as you basically just need to roll the box over and all the poop/clumps are collected in a tray on the side. Once done you just have to empty the tray.
Pros: Easy, quick and more hygienic 
Cons: You need space to roll the box. You don't really see what is inside the box. Not easy to take the hood off to check.
Personally it didn’t make my life easier as I didn't really have enough space to roll the box and I did revert to the old one. However, I am lucky to have a separate place just for my cat’s box. If it was somewhere visible, I would have kept this box.
Who do you think would benefit from using this box?
I think people who have their litter box in plain sight. It's more hygienic and easy so you can roll it twice a day and it'll reduce the smell. 
Some people really don't like cleaning the litter and this one makes it easy and hassle free. You are not directly in contact with the litter.
Stephanie, 1 cat (Hermione), Al Thanya

Score: 3/5
Dhs. 190 (regular) or Dhs. 220 (large)



Many cat owners are reluctant to try this box because they think their cats wont 'get it'. How did yours adapt? Easily?

They had no problem at all, the minute we got it they were jumping in and out, so once we put litter in there they immediately started using it.
It claims to minimise tracking, keeping the surrounding area clean and tidy. Would you agree?
It definitely makes a difference. I wouldn’t say there’s absolutely no tracking but there’s substantially less than with the covered box we usually use.
Is it easy to clean?
Easy to scoop. A little tricky to empty completely, I would advise using liners - that would make it super simple!
What are the pros and cons?
Pros: Less litter kicked about. My cats didn’t drag as much litter out when they exited, more spacious and easier for them to move around. It reduced odour and our cats enjoyed the privacy.
Cons: Takes up quite a lot of space, a little difficult to empty completely
Who would you recommend this box to?

  • People with dogs
  • People with big cats 
  • People with cats that like to dig and kick litter around 
  • People with children

Katy, 2 cats (Apollo and Echo), JBR

Score: 4/5
Dhs. 120 


This litter box claims to be odour proof, self-drying and easy to maintain. Do you agree?
Yes, it’s very easy to clean. It doesn’t smell indeed, especially in small areas.
It also claims you don't need to fully refresh/clean the litter box for up 5 months, just remove daily clumps from the top and bottom tray. I know you haven't used it for this long, but is this realistic based on the time you've used it?
I wouldn’t say 5 months but probably max 3 without any issues as in fact you can easily remove dirt from the top and then just quickly wash the bottom.
It's called Cat'eco' as it's meant to be economic due to less litter useage. Have you noticed a difference in the amount of litter used?
Definitely. I’m using much less than before. It just stays dry longer and I have less hassle with it
What does Benji think of it? 
He is definitely mesmerised by the bottom tray and it's smell😂  But generally he likes it. 
Does it keep the litter in the tray or would you benefit from the extension that's also available?

Depends on the cat, Benji could use it as he is digging quite energetically 😂 But without it it’s still fine as it’s not too shallow.
Do you think it's good value at Dhs. 275?
At the beginning it might look expensive but the longer you have it, the more you like it as it’s very easy to use and saves you a lot of money and time in the long run. So yes, it's definitely worth it. 
Alexandra, 1 cat (Benji), Dubai Marina

Score: 5/5
Dhs. 275

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