Calibra Cat Food Info


What? Czech animal food brand
Who? Formulated by Veterinarians and Nutritional Experts
Why? The health of your pets is paramount to Calibra 

Cats have complex dietary needs just like us. If your cat is very active or recovering from an illness or disease, nutrition is extremely important and can add years onto their lives. 

Pets get bored of the same food every day, just like people do, which is why Calibra has a wide range of meat variations which are mixed with unique and appealing ingredients which keep your pet interested. 

Calibra Cat Food Flavours

Calibra Cat Superpremium is a line of hypoallergenic food with an emphasis on cat’s natural eating habits. The entire line is carefully balanced nutritionally, easily digestible and has a high animal protein content. It is divided into three subcategories by function:
  • Calibra Cat Hypoallergenic products covering a cat’s entire lifecycle, from kitten to senior cat
  • Calibra Cat Expert Nutrition a product line for specific nutritional requirements
  • Calibra Cat Grain Free special grain free recipes for adult cats

Calibra wet food is made exclusively from meat and is grain free and satisfies even the most fussy of feline diners. Thanks to the 100% declared protein sources, they’re also suitable for cats with allergies or sensitive digestive systems. Each flavour contains salmon oil which is an ideal source of unsaturated fatty acids which encourages healthy skin and coat which in turn helps reduce inflammatory reactions.

It's important to gradually switch from your current food to Calibra to avoid digestive upset or tummy trouble. To transition, mix your cat's current food with the new Calibra food. Over 7 days gradually decrease the amount of current food whilst increasing the amount of new, Calibra food.

Calibra Cat Food Stats

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