Cat Lodge 160cm

Dhs. 1,090.50
CAT LODGE, an original ZOLUX creation, is the new range of sustainable, eco-designed and more environmentally friendly cat houses. Designed in France, the CAT LODGE range includes cat trees and small houses especially for cats, suitable for all budgets and all homes!

This has a large surface made from braided sisal cord, for sharpening your cat’s claws, and multiple resting areas, a house, hammock, platform with cushion and a plain platform. It comprises a sisal toy and hemp rope to entertain your cat, or for sharpening claws.
This cat tree can accommodate up to 3 cats!

Replaceable wear items: braided sisal cord scratcher, fabric roof and cushion for the house, fabric hammock, cushion, sisal toy and hemp rope.

Dimensions: width 70 x depth 58 x height 160 cm