Divine Shreds Chicken with mackerel and broccoli (75g x 18)

Dhs. 135.00
Divine Shreds are an excellent way of adding flavour, texture and moisture to your cat’s dry food diet. Divine Shreds are rich in nutrient and moisture content and offer an excellent way to boost hydration and manage calorie intake.

Easy to digest, no grains, additives, preservatives or by-products.

Ingredients: Chicken (33%), Mackerel (4%), Broccoli (4%)

Available in 4 delicious chicken varieties with tender shreds in flavourful moisture:
Chicken with Salmon & Pumpkin, Chicken with Liver & Broccoli, Chicken with Tuna & Carrot, and Chicken with Mackerel & Broccoli

Also available in 4 delicious fish varieties.