Fit & Vital Light Calorie Control 12kg

Dhs. 254.10

Reduced-fat and filling complete food for dogs that are slightly overweight or for weight maintenance.

Happy Dog Fit & vital is just the thing - the five different protein components ensure a healthy variety of proteins, based on nature's example: salmon, sea fish, egg, lamb, and poultry. Salmon is rich in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids - ideal for skin and coat. Digestible sea fish provides the body with many vitamins, while egg, biologically valuable protein and lamb, provide many important minerals. The recipe is rounded off by particularly nutritious poultry, which serves as a supplier of essential trace elements.

Happy Dog Fit & Vital Light Calorie Control is perfectly tailored to the needs of dogs who need low-fat food in order to maintain a good physical constitution. The delicious complete food with only 7% fat and L-carnitine for the metabolism is based on the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept® and is particularly filling thanks to its high fiber content. The low-fat formula is ideal for dogs that need a low-fat diet and for weight maintenance, e.g. after a diet.

- 40% less fat *
- Promotes metabolism
- High fiber content - Filling
and tasty
- 25.5 / 7 protein fat content
- Wheat-free recipe
* compared to a normal medium adult food