Julius-K9 Harness Patch (SMALL)

Dhs. 23.00

Label Size: 4.3 x 1.2 inches / 110 x 30 mm
Colour: Black label with white fluorescent text

These white light emitting attachable labels for your harness allow others to see the status of your dog, such as if it's a guide dog, sniffer dog, security dog or even if they should pet it or not. 

For all types of harnesses you will get a free JULIUS-K9® hook & loop patch. So you will get the most popular harness of Europe, with a glowing (phosphorescent) brand patch. As the patch is fixed by hook & loop, it is easy to put it on any textile surfaces, i.e. bags, vests, uniforms.

Suitable for the following products:

  • IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness all size
  • IDC® Powerharness Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • Hard Dog Race® Y-harness all size
  • IDC® Powair summer harness 3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M
  • IDC® Color & Gray® belt harness Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • K9® Powerharness Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • IDC® Powerharness with Side Rings all size
  • IDC® Powerharness with Security Lock size 0
  • IDC® Multifunctional dog vest 3in1 all size
  • IDC® neoprene dog jacket all size
  • Mantrailing Y-harness all size
  • Color & Gray Collar with closable handle all size
  • K-9® Unit short vest all size
  • K-9® Unit vest all size
  • K9® Training skirt all size
  • IDC® Universal bag all size
  • Side bag for IDC® Powerharness size 0