Medium Puppy with Chicken 3kg

Dhs. 75.00
  • Schesir Dry Line is prepared with natural ingredients* with the addition of vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional demands of all medium/large breed dogs throughout the different phases of its life, maintaining its wellness.
  • with a unique source of animal proteins, they are particularly suitable for the subjects;
  • no added preservatives or colourings;
  • ingredients with a prebiotic action help ensure the effective assimilation of nutrients and odour control;
  • with highly-digestible protein sources;
  • cruelty free.

Crude protein 30% Crude oils and fats 20% Crude fibres 2.5% Crude ash 6.5% Calcium 1.2%, Phosphor 1%, Magnesium 0.35% Sodium 0.5% Potassium 0.61% Moisture 10% Total omega-6 2.2% Total omega-3 0.27% EPA 0.07%, DHA 0.08%, 4.040 kcal/kg