PAWSITIV Emma Easy Clean (56x40x40cm)

Dhs. 104.00

Hooded cat toilet fully equipped to best answer our feline friends' needs. It is very roomy and at the same time comfortable for our pet that will feel safe. It is provided with a flap door for an easier entry and exit, a second practical opening for a quicker and easier cleaning, handle for transport, hygienic scoop and carbon filter to get rid of bad odours.

Product Features:

  • Large hinged opening for Easy Cleaning
  • Transparent access door
  • The handle makes it easy to move the box around your home
  • Hidden storage for the litter scoop
  • Durable and High quality Plastic
  • The carbon filter built into the top neutralises odours
  • Dimension : 56x40x40cm
  • Made in Italy