Pelù PET CAT Adhesive Brush

Dhs. 54.50
Lint-free adhesive brush for cats and for allergic owners who do not want to be separated from their little friends
Directly on the cat’s fur and in the places where it stays: kennels, sofas, cushions …
  • It removes already separated hairs, preventing the formation of hairballs .
  • Removes dandruff residues from the hair of pets, eliminating the allergens they contain
  • Cleans and polishes your cat’s coat
  • It distributes on the treated part a mixture of vegetable oils pleasing to the feline smell that favors the maintenance of a healthy coat
This adhesive brush is made of first quality scented siliconised Italian paper.
The medical adhesive is added with pure essential oils, including Lavender, Lemon and Thyme.
Optimal adhesive for use in both hot and cold climatic conditions.
Easy detachment of the used sheet.
Length: 7 meters, or more than 40 pre-cut sheets.