Comfort Non-clumping Litter 2.1kg

Dhs. 30.00 Dhs. 45.00

For short changing intervals as well as young cats. As a non-clumping cat litter, Cat‘s Best Comfort is particularly suitable for short changing intervals, as recommended for cats with health problems. However, this non-clumping variety is also often advisable for young cats, because as they are still relatively inexperienced, they risk swallowing individual litter grains when cleaning their paws. This can lead to constipation if they form clumps in the cat’s digestive system. 

Cat’s Best Comfort also uses the natural power of refined active wood fibres, which effectively absorb liquids and odours and trap them deep inside. Like all Cat’s Best cat litters, Cat’s Best Sensitive is made exclusively from renewable raw materials, which means it is both sustainable and biodegradable. This ensures your cat has the kind of hygiene and comfort that it prefers.