Chicken With Seabass 85gm

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Schesir's first commitment is the constant search for the best product quality. The variety and breadth of the product range (more than 200 references), supported by continuous innovation, are some of Schesir's main strengths. Schesir wet foods are prepared with 100% natural ingredients, with raw materials of the same quality as those used for human consumption, but not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons, with the best parts of fish and meat, carefully selected, cooked steamed and worked by hand; without the addition of dyes and preservatives.

Contains high biological value proteins, which provide all the amino acids with your cat needs. The sea bass used to belong to the Moronidae family. The Dicentrarchus labrax species are reared in the Mediterranean Sea, FAO area 37 and the Dicentrarchus Punctatus species is fished in the Central-Eastern Atlantic FAO 34

  • SCHESIR CAT: ideal for short-haired adult cats, it is a complete and balanced food belonging to the wet line
  • HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE: its formula has been approved from a nutritional point of view by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences - Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna
  • ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: Full traceability. Constant control of the origin and treatment of the raw material used for food production.
  • COMPOSITION: 100% natural ingredients, free of added preservatives and dyes; steam cooking, hand processing, preparation in jelly.
  • CRUELTY-FREE: no invasive tests have been carried out on animals depending on its production. No added preservatives and dye

Schesir Jelly Pouch is supplementary cat food.
Feed up to 2 pouches per day, combined with a complete Schesir wet or dry food. Serve at room temperature. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 48 hours.

For kittens:
1-3 months: up to 3 pouches per day
3-8 months: 3-4 pouches per day
8-12 months: 2-3 pouches per day