ZEE.DOG 30 Pads

Dhs. 92.40
Introducing Zee.Dog Zee.Pads. You can now invite someone over to your house and actually leave your Dog's Pee Pad lying around. We're pretty sure your guests will think you got a cool new Rug. It's that good looking.

No more yellow stains. No more leaks. No more feeling embarrassed. Bamboo charcoal and SAP technology will make sure of that. The best looking pee pad with the best absorption technology 

● Rip Stop. Tear resistant top layer
● Stain & Odor Removal. Bamboo charcoal that neutralizes the bad smell
● Antibacterial. Bamboo activated bacteria killer 
● Ultra Absorbption. Holds up to 1.5 litters of pee
● Anti-leak Barrier. High quality printed PE layer with exclusive pattern

60 x 80 cm