ZEE.DOG Solaris H-Harness

Dhs. 57.75

Zee.Dog H-Harnesses are a nice and lightweight option for daily walks. Two d-rings on the back are available for leash attachment - just choose which one feels more comfortable. Made of soft and resistant polyester. The buckle is built with a 4-point lock system for added safety.

Large H-Harness: 
Neck: 40-67 cm
Girth: 62-107 cm

Medium H-Harness: 
Neck: 31-50 cm
Girth: 42-69 cm

Small H-Harness: 
Neck: 24-38 cm
Girth: 32-53 cm

Extra Small H-Harness: 
Neck: 20-34 cm
Girth: 23-38 cm